Home Brazil Nut Pie
Brazil Nut Pie E-mail (16 pieces)
75 g butter
3 eggs
125 g caster sugar
8 g vanilla sugar
3 tbsp milk
150 g flour
4 tbsp raisins / sultanas

100 g butter
50 g sugar
160 g honey
2 tbsp whipping cream
150 g unsalted Brazil nuts (in mix), roughly chopped
1 tsp cinnamon
rind of 1/2 orange
4 tbsp raisins / sultanas


    * Preheat the oven at 200°C.
    * Melt the butter for the base and leave it to cool.
    * Whip the eggs, caster sugar and vanilla sugar until fluffy, then add the butter to the mixture.
    * Add the milk, the flour and the raisins / sultanas and mix well.
    * Pour the mixture into a 24 cm diameter baking tin and bake for 12 min. in the middle of the preheated oven.
    * Remove the baking tin from the oven. Melt the butter for the topping.
    * Add all the ingredients little by little to the melted butter and pour this evenly onto the base.
    * Put the pie into the oven for another 10 min., then take it out and allow to cool completely.

      Preparation time approx. 30 minutes

      Nutritional value per person
      295 kcal
      4 g protein
      17 g fat
      8 g saturated fat
      32 g carbohydrates