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Hazelnut Lollies E-mail (4 persons)

70 g unsalted hazelnuts (in mix)
40 g crunchy muesli
135 g plain chocolate
lollipop sticks


    * Put the hazelnut mixture and muesli in a bowl.
    * Melt the chocolate for approx. 40 seconds in the microwave or in a bain-marie.
    * Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl.
    * Mix all the ingredients well, and scoop the mixture into 4 small round cups or into little mounds on greaseproof paper, then insert a lollipop stick.
    * Leave the lollies to solidify and, if they were made in cups, release them by letting the cups stand in warm water for a few moments.

      Preparation time approx. 10 min.

      Nutritional value per person
      345 kcal
      5 g protein
      25 g fat
      9 g saturated fat
      25 g carbohydrates